Monthly Studio FAQs


To Reserve Your Monthly Studio


Send a text or call Kate Innes at 7203436764 to verify availability & discuss start date.

Your studio will be temporarily held pending payment of your deposit, at which point your studio has been reserved.




  • Climate-controlled.

  • WiFi.

  • Off-street parking spaces (6) 

  • Bathrooms cleaned & stocked weekly.

  • Personalized access code for each studio / band.

  • Gear closets provided for most studios.

  • Sharing a studio is permitted (up to 3 total bands or 15 individuals maximum)

  • Gear is NOT provided. Inquire if you'd like to add a p.a. system or other gear.




  • Smoking is prohibited by state law in any indoor area by the State of Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act C.R.S. 25-14. NO SMOKING inside under any circumstances. Cigarettes and marijuana may be used on the south side or rear exterior of the property.

  • Illegal substances and controlled drugs without a prescription are not allowed on the premises.

  • Weapons of any type are not allowed on the premises, except in your locked vehicle.

  • Tidy up, place your trash & cigarette butts in a trash can or dumpster. Keep it clean.

  • Food and alcohol are permitted (must be 21+ years of age to consume alcohol), as long as you clean up all containers, leftovers and food or drink spills on the same day. You are responsible for keeping your own studio clean.

  • Do not congregate after 10pm in the back alley, there are residential neighbors on the east side.

  • Keep your studio door(s) closed when playing loud music to avoid disturbing others. 

  • Do not leave any doors open, except for briefly loading gear. Help us keep energy costs down.

  • It is not permitted to sublet your studio space in whole or partially. All bands must be listed on the agreement. Management reserves the right to refuse access of certain individuals to the premises, with cause.

  • Parking is first-come, first-serve. Do not block others in. Street parking is available. We are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or City of Denver parking tickets. We do not tow, unless you have left your vehicle for more than 3 days, or have blocked someone else in and you cannot be located to move your vehicle.

  • We are not responsible for theft from your studio or common areas or parking area. All ground-level windows are equipped with bars. Do not share your studio code with others. If you believe your studio code has been shared, ask management to reset the code (this service is available once per week).

  • Management will not enter studios except by your request, or in the case that something needs urgent attention from a safety perspective.

  • No overnight sleeping or living in the facility, not even one night.

  • Notify management promptly of any damage or broken items, including light bulbs.

  • Management will inspect the premises in person on a regular basis and will review surveillance camera footage as needed. 

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned once weekly and re-stocked with hand soap, toilet paper and paper towels. You may need to clean the bathroom yourself between weekly cleanings. There is one bathroom in the front building (studios A-C, F-I) and one in the back building (studios D & E).

Security Deposit

A security deposit holds your reservation for an upcoming vacancy. The deposit is equal to half the monthly studio amount. The security deposit will be held throughout the lease term as a damage deposit. The security deposit is fully refundable, minus damages beyond normal wear and tear, within 15 days of move out.


Rental Agreement & Rent Payment Policy


All lease agreements shall be on a month-to-month basis, renewing automatically on the 1st of each month. Rent is due monthly on the 25th of the month preceding each monthly lease term. Your first payment due date may be due on a different day of the month, if pro-rating a partial month. Failure to pay rent by the 1st of the month (it is due prior to the beginning of the month, on the 25th), will result in the door access code being de-activated until rent has been paid in full plus a $20 late payment fee. Failure to pay rent in full by the 7th of the month will result in termination of the lease and the personal property within the room will be moved to on-site storage. If an agreement can be reached by management and tenant, the lease can be restored with a full rent payment and a $50 fee for storage / late payment. Credit card payments are subject to an extra 3% charge to cover processing fee, there is no fee for cash or check or bank transfer.  Square Cash app payments are a much lower rate than 3%, inquire if needing to pay this way.


Termination of Agreement


Provide at least 30 days notice in order to terminate your lease agreement. If the unit can be re-rented sooner, we can arrange for a quicker termination, subject to RocketSpace's ability to fill the space in an expedited timeframe. Any personal property left behind after the final paid day will be moved to on-site storage and a fee assessed between $20-50 for storage. Management may decide at their sole discretion whether to terminate a lease agreement, with or without advance notice. Violations of the rules above may result in immediate termination or a warning.


RocketSpace provides a professional facility for music practice. Keep it clean & courteous.

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