Regular size rooms include a 5 pc kit such as:

PDP Mainstage 5pc kit, Tama Rockstar, Tama Imperialstar

Larimer drum room has a Mapex Meridian Maple 5 pc kit

Studio 6 (small) has a Ludwig Accent 4pc kit

Studio 9 (large has a Mapex Saturn IV 6pc kit

All Kits Include: Sabian Cymbals (Hats, Crash x2, Ride) - Heavy SR2 or bring your own

Throne, pedal, hihat stand, cymbal stands. Double pedal also available.



Each studio comes with 2 Marshall half stacks and a combo amp.
You may bring your own head, half stack or combo.

Fender Combo Amp (Princeton Chorus, Frontman 212R)

Marshall MG100HDFX amps or similar, Marshall 4x12" cabinets

Amps are solid-state.

Studio 9 offers a Fender Deluxe tube combo amp




Each studio comes with a bass combo amp AND a bass head/cabinet

Fender, Acoustic, Ampeg, Crate, Peavey, Hartke, Gallien Krueger


Roland KD-100 (Weighted 88-Key)

Casio & Yamaha Portable Keyboards (2)

Keyboard bench, keyboard stand and keyboard amps are available

PA System & Microphones

Mackie ProFX 12 channel mixer, Alto Truesonic 800-Watt main speakers

(monitors extra charge), and 3-5 microphones in each studio



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