An update from RocketSpace

3/19 - We are limiting to one booking per room per day, limit 6 people (see room limits).

We are unstaffed except for Kate assisting you via phone/text & doing the daily room sanitation.

We're unable to accommodate more than one booking per studio in order to provide a safe, clean space.

Contact us for daily or weekly bookings at 720 515 1671



Things have been changing so rapidly that it’s been a challenge to write up our Coronavirus response without it becoming outdated. As soon as our situation changes, we’ll continue to update here. 


We’ve worked extremely hard to clean and disinfect everything since the start of this. Instead of beer and sweat, we smell like a vet’s office. We have 11 studios with low occupancy per studio use (up to 3-5 people typically). We normally stay very busy but now we are mostly empty. We are still open as of today, that may change as we continue to monitor and evaluate how our facility can do our part to make sure we are doing our part to stop the spread of this virus and flatten the curve.


Here’s what we’re already doing in addition to cleaning:

  • Strictly controlling access with individualized door codes.

  • Allowing time between bookings to clean surfaces.

  • Limiting group size to ensure at least 6 feet of social distance. See limits.

  • Enabling a contact-less payment process.

  • Offering low-cost new microphones and foam covers for purchase.

  • No cancellation fees, no questions asked.


Future steps:

  • We may move to daily and weekly bookings in the near future to further limit human contact. 

  • We may close entirely as other non-essential service and retail businesses decide to do so.


Ways you can support us without being here:

  • Pre-order a t-shirt and be a walking billboard (coming soon!).

  • Give us a 5 star review on Google / Facebook.

  • Wash your hands and do all the careful things.

  • Be excellent to each other. Look out for friends and strangers.


If you have questions, please text or call us on the studio line 720 515 1671.

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