Announcement: Possible closing of Broadway location Sept 2017


Dear South Broadway RocketSpacers, 


There is a For Sale sign on the building today, which will mean one of two things:

  1. it doesn’t sell, business as usual

  2. it sells, we’ll help you find you practice spots after September, either at Larimer or by referring you to other spots


The Broadway location has been adopted by so many of you - thank you! The amount of work it takes to keep an additional set of studios in good working order every day has become overwhelming. We can do one thing with excellence - keep up our Larimer facility with clean, working gear and fantastic service - or we can keep trying to do both locations and never quite get it right. 


If you’ve got a recurring reservation here, please know that we’re working on saving space for you at our main Larimer location and will be reaching out to you directly once we have a better sense of timing. For those who have been enjoying the easy parking options here, we are working on finding low-hassle options at the Larimer location. My personal number is 720-343-6764, you may text or call me to discuss any of the above. 


With love,


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