2711 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205
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Get in here and practice!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to play your instrument more? Practice the drums? Get that side project started? Write some new songs? Get in here and practice. We’re making it easy with flexible scheduling and special deals every day of the week!
  • $40 for a full evening Mon-Thurs (choose 6-9pm or 7-10pm)
  • $33 for early/late evening Mon-Thurs (choose 5-8pm or 8pm-late)
  • $10/hour anytime Friday!
  • $10/hr for drummers anytime
  • $13/hr weekends and get half price after your first 2 hours
  • Sign up for weekly slots, you’ll save an additional 10-20% off these rates and get guaranteed availability! Plus, some months there will be 5 occurrences of your chosen day, that extra one is free!
The rates don’t get any lower. The rooms don’t get any nicer. Check around then call us to book.
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Busy Month at RocketSpace

RocketSpace is open so hurry up and start booking the prime spots before it’s too late! As it stands, studio 1 is completed and studio 3 is getting finishing touches. Studio 2 is waiting on the next equipment shipment and then it will be ready. Studio 4 is serving as a surrogate repair room and gear organization area while we prepare the three larger studios for customers. So for now, let’s talk about equipment shall we?

It is lookin' mighty fine in studio 1. Nice gear and comfy seating.

Kate decided to go with Alto powered P/A monitors (800 watts each). AKG D5 mics were selected over Shure SM58 for their hotter clarity and super cardioid capsule design. Mixers and stands are available in each room as well. We are waiting on P/A speaker stands so we are improvising in the mean time, as you can see in Studio 3.

Studio 3 is in 2nd place for being completed after studio 1. We parked the Ludwig kit in there for the time being.

Regarding guitars, Marshall 4×12 cabinets are included if you don’t want to lug your own cabinets in. There is also a Marshall 100 watt tube head and a 30 watt Orange head available for rent for a small additional fee. A Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is also available. There are a few Acoustic 4×10 bass cabinets that are available free of charge and studio 1 currently has a 300 watt Ampeg mini half stack bass rig if you literally just want to show up with your bass guitar, but call ahead to make sure it is available before leaving your bass amp behind.

Studio 2 is getting its foam installed and waiting for the next shipment of drums and then its moment will come!

There is a 5 piece Pacific drum set in studio 1. Studio 2 will also feature a Pacific drum kit as soon as we get the next order dropped on the doorstep. Both kits will have two crash cymbals and one ride. Studio 3 currently has the Ludgwig classic 4 piece with a single crash and ride. Studio 4 will have a classic 5 piece Yamaha kit that we are currently building.

Studio 4 is being used to repair equipment and organize gear while we set up the three larger studios.

Kate also rents out P/A systems for events, so ask her about that if you have the need for a really good P/A system. Music lesson instructors — make sure to start booking your times as soon as you can since space is going to fill up pretty quick in the next month or so. I promise the next update won’t be as distant as this one was. We have been busy, what can I say?
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Construction Progress

Hey everyone. Zach here. Since RocketSpace isn’t going to be open for a few more weeks, I figured I may as well post some construction updates since a lot of people have been inquiring about the progress thus far. First and foremost and likely the most important aspect for groups/bands that plan on rehearsing at RocketSpace involves the available sound equipment as well as room isolation/soundproofing. For now, I will discuss the techniques that are being employed to ensure proper sound isolation for each of the rehearsal rooms so that bands practicing at the same time in adjacent rooms don’t end up disturbing one another. More info after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »
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